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DemoPurchase ($35.00)


  • TitanInstaller, As advertised within a minute! – Install Echea within a minute, this only with a few clicks.
  • WP 3 .0, WP 3 .1 and WP 3 .2 ready and tested.
  • Very well documented
  • Slider manager – Manage your slider images through our custom slider manager.
  • 7 Main Sliders – Echea has 7 different sliders to choose from, The Piecemaker 2 3D slider, a jQuery slider with 35 effect, a html5 slider, a accordion slider, nivo and two custom sliders.
  • Visual Composer – Create the perfect theme with our Visual composer, play with background colors and background textures until you’ve found the perfect style.
  • 15 Custom Widgets – From ads to quick contact form, everything is covered.
  • Dynamic image resizing – Echea is using TimThumb to resize it’s images.
  • Custom URL Shortener and Sharing tool – Share and shorten your post links with our inbuilt sharing tool.
  • WP 3 .0 + Custom Menus + Mega Menu – Footer, Top and main menu are ready for you and this we also have a mega menu inside.
  • Localization Ready – Translate Echea to any language you want, PO and MO are included.
  • Shortcode manager – We’ve paid some extra attention to the short-codes this time and from now it as easy as it can be to ad your short-code. Inside the short-code editor there’s also a Button editor which can create almost any type of button you want or need. Watch the screen-cast to get an idea of how it works and how to ad them.
  • Related Posts Scroller – A rather unique function is that your able to show as many related posts as you want with our related post scroller.
  • Custom Post Boxes – A custom post option where you can ad the intro, descriptions and button title and link for each page and portfolio item.
  • 6 Page templates – Right sidebar, left sidebar, full witdh, sitemap, 404 and more.
  • Sidebar manager – You no longer have to stay with just one or two sidebars for all your pages and posts. Your now able to create as many sidebars as you need. Creating them and assigning them to a certain page has never been this easy. Just another reason to buy this theme and make your work a little easier.
  • Font Manager – There’s no need to to ask for help with adding custom font anymore, we have build a Font Manager for you’ll. Ad fonts through this manager which will be added in to the already existing list of fonts.
  • Gallery manager – manage your galleries through our custom build gallery types.
  • Portfolio manager – manage your portfolio images through our custom build portfolio types.
  • Unbranded Admin Panel – We’re trying to improve our add-ons in both usability and styling s. That’s we’ve decided to keep on working on the theme’s option panel until we have the perfect panel build in for you’ll. In Archin we’ve made the panel even more usable then before and removed the clutter.
  • Custom Form Builder – Compose your own forms from now on. Yes, you heard us right. We have a custom form composer build for you. Packed with drag and drop functionality, notification support, captcha, auto responder and much more. Available elements are Text fields, Text areas, Drop downs, Notification, Captcha and Auto respond.
  • TitanEditor, The Shortcode Editor on steroids – We implemented our plugin inside Echea for even more controll about the way your able the way you handle your page templates and shortcodes