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WordPress Person of the Day #0055

Name: Leland Fiegel

Country: United States

Click here to visit his website!

About him from his about page:

My name is Leland. I’m a domainer and web developer.

What’s a domainer you ask? There are many definitions. In my case, it’s one who collects domain names for the purpose of future development. You can check out my small domain collection here.

What’s a web developer you ask? It is someone who develops websites. This includes designing, writing, building, optimizing, and creating complete websites. Sometimes I develop websites for “quick flips” and others I keep for the long haul. You can see a small sampling of my websites on the network page. I also blog about them in the my sites category.

I really like WordPress. In fact, pretty much all of my sites (including this one) run on WordPress. What is WordPress you ask? WordPress is a free, open source content management system. Yes, that’s right – a content management system, not just a “blogging platform” as some would like to think.

You may know me from a site called Theme Lab. This is where I blog about WordPress – a lot. It’s developed quite the following with nearly 500 subscribers. I release a lot of free WordPress themes there, usually derived from free templates made by various designers from across the web.