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WordPress Tip of the Day #0052

Title: Use Facebook Like for Tags

Facebook Like is probably one of the best buttons to have on your website or blog, if not the best one. Sharing on Facebook is a lot more intimate than twitter for most people so it has a higher conversion rate. Imagine being able to feed someone’s Facebook stream with similar posts to the one they like automatically once they like the first one?

Thanks to the “Facebook Like for Tags” WordPress Plug-in, you can do that.

Here’s the description of the plug-in from the author:

Power Facebook Like with Search, Tags and Feed Syndication!

Expand the basic Facebook Like function to dynamically generated content. Instead of a one-time sharing event, a permanent connection for ongoing updates and sharing based on post tags or categories. Write your WordPress blog posts as you normally would. Define your posting with appropriate tags or categories. Once posted, it will have a Facebook Like button linked to it via the tags/categories you defined. Any reader who clicks the Facebook Like button will share the article but also receive additional updates anytime you write a post specifying the same tags. (Requires PHP version 5 or higher.)

Use Case Example

A WordPress blogger covers consumer electronics. She writes about the new Apple iPad. She defines this post by tagging it with “Apple”, “iPad” and other tags. Readers who like the post and want to share via Facebook, click on the Facebook Like button. A few days later, the blogger writes another post about the next release of the Apple iPhone with the same tags. Shortly after posting the article, those readers who liked the earlier article will automatically receive an update in their Facebook news feed.


  • Continuous sharing – This plugin implements a Facebook Like button and adds the IngBoo filtering, change-detect and notification logic to expand the button into a permanent connection for ongoing sharing and updates.
  • Increased reach and revisits – Case studies show that this function can increase your page view by 25%-40%.
  • Consumer intent – Your readers define what they are interested in by pressing the Like button. You define the context via the tags. When the tags provide a well-defined context you and your readers win. They get timely updates of relevant content into their new feeds and you get more revisits.
  • Crowd draws bigger crowd – Anytime you post with prior tags, readers will likely see that others had Liked those tags. This attracts even more clicks on the Like button.

Click here to learn more or download it now!