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WordPress Tip of the Day #0042

Title: Make Less Posts

This may not apply to all, but sometimes it’s better to take more time to concentrate on making a quality post than making a lot of quick posts. Another thing that may be better is to spend more time marketing your good posts than just posting a bunch of posts.

Throughout all my websites/blogs, I used to do about 15-20 posts a day, but now I’ve started cutting that down to 5-6 a day, and I can get in much higher quality posts and have more time for marketing.

I’ve noticed my overall visits has nearly tripled since the change, as well as my revenue which has increased by almost the same.

I have some websites where I need to post every day like this one, some I can do every other day, and some only once or twice a week, so I have made a posting schedule to make sure all sites are satisfied.