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WordPress Plug-In of the Day #0028

Title: WP Comsoon

Author: Marc Migge

Price: Free

Click here to visit the plug-ins website!

Click here to download the plug-in!

From the author:

This WordPress Widget allows you to display forthcoming articles of your blog. You can configure this widget in the WordPress Design Widgets SubPanel as follows:

  • add your own title to the sidebar widget
  • add custom message, if no posts are scheduled (default: No scheduled posts)
  • define how many posts are shown (1 to 30) in the widget (default: 5)
  • select to show the scheduled date of the post (default: off)
  • select to show the time of the posts (default: off)
  • disable “No scheduled posts” message (default: shown)
  • select the sortorder of the posts – if you have more scheduled posts than you want to show, a descending sortorder will only show the latest of your posts (default: ascending)
  • disable “powered by WP Comsoon” message (default: message is shown)
  • multi language support, german mofile included