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WordPress Plug-In of the Day #0026

Title: PostRank

Author: Trevor Creech

Price: Free

Click here to visit the plug-ins website!

Click here to download the plug-in!

From the author:

This plugin adds the PostRank Top Posts Widget & Analytics to your blog. PostRank measures the audience engagement with each story by analyzing the types and frequency of online social media interactions — comments, tweets, diggs, etc. The more interesting or relevant the story is, the more active your readers will be in organizing, responding to, and sharing it.

The Top Posts Widget enables readers to easily see the blog’s best content, with the highest overall PostRank scores. Readers can also search for the best content by specific topics of interest. The Analytics Dashboard integrates specific social social hub analytics metrics in-line with each post, or an overview of the blog’s engagement for the last 30 days.

By measuring the engagement with each story the PostRank Top Posts Widget features your best new and archived content, providing another channel to gain readership, increase page views and clicks, RSS subscriptions and ad revenues.

The PostRank Widget on Ruby Inside is really helping get viewers to surf around more. A big page views per visit increase. — Peter Cooper (

In adddition to the Top Posts Widget, the PostRank plugin integrates social media analytics features directly into your admin interface. The Manage Posts page will display each post’s current PostRank score, and hovering over it will reveal your current engagement metrics from around the web: delicious/magnolia bookmarks, twitter/jaiku messages, diggs, and many others.

See the Screenshots for examples of Top Posts Widget customizations and social media analytics previews.