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Random WordPress of the Day #0025

Title: Make your Blog Mobile Friendly

More and more people are using mobile devices, like iPhones and BlackBerrys, to access the web, and that’s great news as that means there are more ways for people to visit and view your website or blog.

The problem with that is that your website may not work, or may be hard to view on such a small screen, since it’s optimized for a regular computer screen or laptop. We have covered a plug-in before that will fix this for you, it’s called WP Touch, which basically when activated it transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects, when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry touch mobile device.

The admin panel allows you to customize many aspects of its appearance, and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your site to your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini mobile, Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm visitors without modifying a single bit of code (or affecting) your regular desktop theme.

The theme also includes the ability for your visitors to easily switch between the WPtouch view and your site’s regular theme.

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