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WordPress Tip of the Day #0022

Title: WP Toolbar

I found an interesting tool from and thought I would share this with you.

It’s a WordPress Admin Toolbar Bookmarklet, basically what it does is add buttons on the top right of your browser that gives you quick access to your admin sidebar links.

This is useful so that you can be browsing the site in question and need to change things, you can get direct links to the options in your administration panel without having to go in it. The buttons work only for the site you are currently browsing, obviously if you aren’t logged in you will need to once you click an option.

This works on all WordPress websites but will still show on other websites, however if you click the buttons you will more than likely get error pages. And like I said before since you need to be logged in to get access, this won’t let you do anything to websites which you aren’t an administrator for.

It can get annoying showing up on all websites, but if you use different browsers for editing websites and general browsing it should make a difference.