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WordPress Tip of the Day #0021

Title: Guest Blogging

There are two ways to look at this, you can be a guest on another blog and make a guest post for their site of course the post usually starts with announcing to the reader that you are a guest poster and a little bit about you and obviously a link back to your website. The advantage to this first one is that it will get you some solid link backs, get some exposure for your website. Also depending on which sites you are blogging on it can give you some credibility as well.

The second way is to let people be guest bloggers on your website. This is actually something I’m planning no setting up here very soon. This serves several purposes including:

  • Free and Easy content for your website.
  • Credibility. (Depending on who the person is)
  • The guest will usually promote his post as well, so free traffic and exposure.
  • Also great for networking with new people in your niche/field.