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WordPress Tip of the Day #0019

Title: Comment on Other Blogs

I read hundreds of posts a day, and I will always comment on the ones that I find interesting, but I won’t just say nice work or thanks, as there are already a great number of people doing that. I always try and write something constructive about what was written and sometimes bring extra things to the general discussion.

What I have noticed is that I will often times check out the websites/blogs of the other people commenting on the posts that I find interesting, and usually it’s the people that are doing more than just saying “great post”. I imagine if I do it, a lot of others do it also, I’ve found many new posts, websites and blogs this way. Chances are the people interested in a post that falls in the same category as your website may also be interested in what your site has to offer.

Give yourself a challenge and try and make this a daily ritual to at least find one post that relates to your site and make an interesting comment on it.