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WordPress Tip of the Day #0017

Title: Preparation

I recently saw an article on titled “Start your work day the night before for better productivity” and have started focusing more on this aspect and found so far it has helped a lot.

You have to adapt the advice to your lifestyle though, as you may not necessarily be more productive in the morning, if that’s your case then you want to prepare yourself near the end of your “work time” for your next stretch. For example, in the morning before I leave for my full time job, I prepare my web related work for when I get home, it may take me 10-15 minutes in the morning but it helps me get right into it at night when I get home. It also helps motivate me during the day knowing what’s coming up.

This can also be applied longer term, where you can prepare different things for a week or month, or even certain things for a year, basically sometimes it’s faster to do something 20 times at once since you get in a groove and then it’s done.

In the end, I always try an prepare something in advance, so that I can get the ball rolling, and while I’m working on what I’ve prepared, I’m thinking about what’s next which is basically still considered preparing.