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Premium WordPress Theme of the Day #0017

Title: DesignNews Community

Author: Disgogo

Price: $27.00

Click here to visit the themes website!

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From the author:

Community theme is an easy to use, configurable theme with features oriented on community blogs, where posts are published by multiple authors.

New features

  • Custom Skinning (An infinite number of skins, limited only by your imagination)
  • Twitter auto updates
  • Featured posts
  • CSS bugs resolved
  • Logo upload bugs fixed
  • Miscellaneous code improvements


Before you buy these theme please read this note.Because we had a lot of comments about problems with this theme, we would like to note some things that might go wrong when installing. If you have trouble with anyting in this note please don’t buy the theme.

  • The theme requires PHP version 5.2 or higher.
  • The uploads (logo, post images, etc.) require the standard WordPress upload directory, with write access (0777). There will be messages in the admin pannel with instructions, but you will most likely need to create the required directory trough FTP .
  • You will need to activate the wordpress permalinks and upload a .htaccess file that is provided with the download.
  • You cannot rename the theme directory, it must be named “community” and be installed into the wp-content/themes directory.
  • This theme will never work in SAFE MODE

Thank you!

All features can be modified from the Community theme options admin page and also from the widgets.

  • Chosoe how the theme is displayed, one column or two column, the default is to have a left column that holds the template and a sidebar with widgets. For your convenience the theme contains a one column page template that you can choose for different pages enabling you to mix and match display styles to meet your needs.
  • Javascript animated category menu that degrades gracefully if javascript is not available. You can choose from 32 animation effects and adjust the overall speed of the animation. If you don’t like the animations you can disable them giving you a classic menu.
  • The theme allows you to add widgets to three areas: a right sidebar that becomes the right column of the blog (this will be hidden if you activate one column mode), a post footer that is displayed only on the post pages and a general footer sidebar that is always displayed.
  • Each post can have an image attached to it and it will be displayed by the widgets as a thumbnail and inserted in the post text. You can upload the post image directly from the post page. The theme options page also has settings allowing you to change the size of the image inserted in the posts and the size of the thumbnail displayed by the widgets. The original image will be automatically scaled and resampled before being displayed.
  • Collapsible sidebar widgets. You can disable this behaviour from the theme admin page (the Ads widget cannot be collapsed, for obvious reasons).
  • Authors and users can upload custom avatars from the profile page. The avatars will be shown in comments, in the “About the author” section and in the admin user list.
  • Authors can set their Twitter screen name on the profile page and a “Follow this author on Twitter” link will be displayed in the “About the author” section.
  • Sifr font replacement that gives you nice headings and post titles. If you don’t like this feature you can easily disable it from the admin page.
  • Feedback button that goes to one of your pages. You can choose wich one.
  • You can easily upload a custom logo.
  • The theme integrates nicely with Twitter so you can have your own account for the blog community. If you set your screen name in the admin page, the last tweet from your account will be displayed on the front page along with your twitter avatar and a “Retweet” button.
  • Customizable footer text (eg. for copyright notice, terms of service…).
  • Integrates with FeedBurner .
  • You can insert custom HTML code in the theme footer. This enables you to easily add tracking code to your site (eg. GoogleAnalitics).
  • Integrates with a couple of third-party plugins and allows you to configure them to work with the theme with a single click