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WordPress Person of the Day #0016

Name: Hyder Jaffari

Country: Slovenia

Click here to visit his personal website!

Click here to visit his company website!

Message From Hyder Jaffari: I’m a designer by day and web entrepreneur by night. I’ve been working in some way with the web since 2002 and went full time with it in 2006.

And here’s the interview:

  • Question: When and why did you start blogging?

    Answer: Been blogging since 2006, did it because everyone else was doing it then. I don’t blog so much today, just when I feel like.

  • Question: How many websites do you have using WordPress and what they are?

    Answer: Around 15.,, to name a few.

  • Question: Why did you choose WordPress?

    Answer: It’s simple and does what I tell it to do.

  • Question: How much have you spent on your websites (Ads, Hosting, Themes, Etc) and how much is your approximate revenue?

    Answer: n/a

  • Question: What kind of advice can you give to anyone using WordPress?

    Answer: There’s a theme and/or plugin for WordPress that can help you do anything you can dream about for the web. If you find there isn’t, then it’s time to build it.

  • Quick Question #1: How many RSS feeds are you subscribed to?

    Answer: 20

  • Quick Question #2: Free themes, premium themes or your own themes?

    Answer: Own

  • Quick Question #3: Do you do most your blogging at home, work, other?

    Answer: Home

  • Quick Question #4: What kind of devices do you blog from?

    Answer: PC

  • Quick Question #5: What is the best way to reach you?

    Answer: Email