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WordPress Person of the Day #0014

Name: Shaun Bice

Country: United States of America

Click here to visit his personal website!

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Message From Shaun Bice: Well I am 23 years old and live in North East Ohio in the United States. I received my first computer when i was 12 years old and have been hooked ever since. Back in the day I used to mess around with Qbasic and basic hardware. Now I run my own PC Upgrade and Repair business. Also, when the need arises, I do custom programming and web design for customers. Technology is my passion as well as helping people understand it better.

And here’s the interview:

  • Question: When and why did you start blogging?

    Answer: Almost 2 years ago is when I started blogging. Only within the past year or so I would say I started Geekdout.Net even though have had the domain name for a lot longer. I initially started blogging out of frustration. I was looking for help on an advanced programming topic and tried yahoo ,msn, Google, and sat for hours trying to find some help for my problem. I looked at the clock, realized I had been looking for close to 5 hours and went through my history. I had clicked on over 1000 web-pages and couldn’t find a thing. Right then and there I decided to start my own help/tech/tutorial site to help share my knowledge with people. All I need now is some frequent visitors to pop in from time to time and give me some tutorial ideas or a request for information on a specific type of technology. This can be done through my About page or directly through email.

  • Question: How many websites do you have using WordPress and what they are?

    Answer: I have my website I have many more ideas for site’s but I would just like to stick to this for now as I would like to get to the point where people would come to the site to ask me tech questions or need a tutorial and I could publish something daily for the masses and be able to help a lot of people.

  • Question: Why did you choose WordPress?

    Answer: Initially I had done a lot of research regarding various CMS platforms and I had narrowed it down to running either a blogging platform like WordPress or a forum like phpbb. I flipped a coin and blogging platform won. I did a little bit more research and still could not make up my mind, so yet again I turned to a coin. Over a year later, I’m extremely happy things have turned out the way they did.

  • Question: How much have you spent on your websites (Ads, Hosting, Themes, Etc) and how much is your approximate revenue?

    Answer: I just pay my yearly domain name renewal and my monthly hosting costs. I make $0.00 as I have no ads displayed on the site and I am not trying to sell anything. Everything is Free

  • Question: What kind of advice can you give to anyone using WordPress?

    Answer: If your a new WordPress user it’s just a matter of taking your time. Don’t rush into the option’s that you have no idea of what they do. It’s always best to look them up to see the various settings that can be changed and what exactly they will do. Also, don’t fret if your always accidentally clicking on the wrong heading in your admin panel, it will take some time to adjust and remember exactly where things are..

  • Quick Question #1: How many RSS feeds are you subscribed to?

    Answer: Lol, I knew you would ask this. 37.

  • Quick Question #2: Free themes, premium themes or your own themes?

    Answer: Honestly it’s what ever works best for what I am doing.

  • Quick Question #3: Do you do most your blogging at home, work, other?

    Answer: Home. Because there’s no place like

  • Quick Question #4: What kind of devices do you blog from?

    Answer: Usually only from my PC. It’s much easier multi-tasking with 3 22.1 acer widescreens.

  • Quick Question #5: What is the best way to reach you?

    Answer: Email. You can contact me on my “About” page if your needing a specific tutorial or just want to know how something works. Or just email me directly