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WordPress Tip of the Day #0014

Title: Scheduling Past Posts

As we showed you in last week’s Tip of the Day, you can schedule posts for the future to be sure if you can’t get to your website, the content will stay fresh. If it’s too late for that and you need to put posts in the past, you can also by just entering a date that has passed.

Why would you need to do this you ask? Well in my case I missed about 7 posts of the day, and I’d like to keep the continuity of the site going.

Tip #13 and today’s tip are showing up as if they were posted on August 7th and 14th respectively, however I created both on August 17th.

I used this featured to keep the continuity of the site, but this could be used to do harmful things, ask yourself is anyone getting cheated by you doing this before actually doing it.