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WordPress Tip of the Day #0013

Title: Scheduling Future Posts

As most of you know, I moved about two weeks ago, and things have been a little hectic and I haven’t gotten around to posting since August 6th.

You may have noticed that on August 8th and August 15th two posts were published, two “Person of the Day” posts as they were created before the 6th and scheduled for the dates they were published using the publish date you can see in the picture above which is in the menu on the right of the post you are creating.

This can be particularly useful for blogs of this type, or other non date sensitive posts, I suggest keeping a few in there just in case you can’t get to your blog for a few days, that will you won’t lose your followers.

This being said, it’s not necessarily a good thing to have them all scheduled as your content could get stale, so you need to have a good balance.