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Random WordPress of the Day #0010

Title: Home Office Part IV

We have a desk, a chair and screens. We are set up, but I think we are missing a big component, obviously, we need a computer.

There are four questions you need to ask yourself about buying computers:

  • Desktop or Laptop?
  • How Many?
  • For What Purpose?
  • How much?

We have always talked about needs in the past three weeks, and that won’t change this week, it always comes down to need. Here’s what I need, and actually already have. One desktop and one netbook. I have no real need to have several towers right now, just one really fast and powerful one works for my purpose. I do travel a lot, and my BlackBerry actually satisfies most of my PC related needs while on the road, but I still got a netbook for the road mostly for my eBay consignment purposes and for editing blog posts that are too complex for the BB for now.

Size, Purpose, Specs and Quantity are the 4 most important factors when choosing a PC!