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WordPress Person of the Day #0010

Name: Ralph Damiano

Country: United States of America

Click here to visit his personal website!

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Message From Ralph Damiano: Well, about one and a half years ago I had no idea what a “WordPress” was. Now I run my own very small freelance “business” creating WordPress themes as well as my own WordPress-based site, Even though nowadays I’m almost constantly working with CSS / HTML /PHP, I’m always wanting a little bit to get back into animation with Flash like the good ol’ days.

And here’s the interview:

  • Question: When and why did you start blogging?

    Answer: I started my first ever website in December of ’07, At first, the site was updated a few times a week with random stuff that I felt like posting. (Honestly, I didn’t know what a “blog” was or how to attract visitors or all that nonsense. I just made posts about random things. I learned later that what I actually created was, in fact, a blog.) As of February of ’09, is now totally dedicated to posts about web design and WordPress as well as being the distribution center of my WordPress themes to the public.

  • Question: How many websites do you have using WordPress and what they are?

    Answer: My main site is of course I also have a small article-based site over at, but that’s not really a blog. It just makes me a decent amount of cash every month. I’ve also made a WordPress-powered site for my dad’s business as well as many other mini sites that really aren’t worth mentioning.

  • Question: Why did you choose WordPress?

    Answer: In all honesty, it’s because the guy over at was using it at the time. His site was based around Flash and that’s what I originally wanted to be dedicated to, so… Yeah. That’s how it came to be, lol.

  • Question: How much have you spent on your websites (Ads, Hosting, Themes, Etc) and how much is your approximate revenue?

    Answer: Hosting and domains probably cost me about $140-$160 a year. I really don’t spend money on anything else besides the material things I buy with the revenue I rake in >:D I make at least $150 a month even if I don’t do a thing. It’s almost guaranteed because of the ads I have running on and If I release a new WordPress theme or two, that number can be bumped up to $400 – $800 a month.

  • Question: What kind of advice can you give to anyone using WordPress?

    Answer: Try to stick to a schedule when blogging. My schedule I use is a new post Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and a round-up post on Sunday. I noticed my traffic and overall success steadily increase over the weeks that I stuck to this schedule. Once I started getting lazy (I’m in a major slump right now), my readership plummeted.

  • Quick Question #1: How many RSS feeds are you subscribed to?

    Answer: Three, they’re really not even worth mentioning since I don’t use them.

  • Quick Question #2: Free themes, premium themes or your own themes?

    Answer: My own themes of course.

  • Quick Question #3: Do you do most your blogging at home, work, other?

    Answer: At home, in my room.

  • Quick Question #4: What kind of devices do you blog from?

    Answer: Just my laptop. Custom-built Sony Vaio FW.

  • Quick Question #5: What is the best way to reach you?

    Answer: Email – ralph [a]