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Random WordPress of the Day #0009

Title: Home Office Part III

Last week we got the desk down, the week before the chair, now lets talk about screens.

There are four questions you need to ask yourself about monitors / tvs:

  • How Big?
  • How Many?
  • For What Purpose?
  • Which Layout?

I love the layout in the picture above, but it’s really now what fits my needs, as I will be receiving clients at my home office, it will need to look less cluttered and not take up all my desk space. You have to ask yourself the 4 questions above to choose what’s right for you. I plan on using a 2 screen combo. A 22 inch main screen on my desk for work purposes, and a second screen, either wall mounted or mounted on a shelving unit of sorts as my “social” screen if you would.

Look, Size, Space and Quantity are the 4 most important factors when choosing screens!