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WordPress Person of the Day #0009

Name: Valentina & Azzura

Country: Italy

Click here to visit his personal website!

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Message From Valentina & Azzurra: Two 28 years old geeky girl from Neaples,Italy. Geek inside with a dose of humor. Valentina is the tech one,obsessed by Google and Azzurra is the marketing and style director.

And here’s the interview:

  • Question: When and why did you start blogging?Answer: My first blog was an experiment,on It soon turned to have a lot of visitors so I decided to start a new project with Azzurra, not so long ago, about technology,wordpress,videogames and Italian cousine…It’s all about writing on things we love.
  • Question: How many websites do you have using WordPress and what they are?Answer: We currently run just “Come faccio per” it’s the italian for “how can i do that…” and it just wanna be a focal point for anyone who has a problem,a doubt about softwares,pc,wordpress or even italian pasta! The blog run with the fantastic theme “Gossip City” from Celebrific and 16 plugins. We have not switched to 2.8, we’re just waitin for full compatibility
  • Question: Why did you choose WordPress?Answer: We choose WordPress because it’s the most performant, customizable and open source platform to have a blog. It’s simply the best professional choice nowadays.
  • Question: How much have you spent on your websites (Ads, Hosting, Themes, Etc) and how much is your approximate revenue?Answer: We spent a lot of time working on our website, just to make it everyday a little better. Just today we achieved the W3C validation,it’s a hard job you know. About money, we don’t like to talk about that and most of all we don’t blog for money
  • Question: What kind of advice can you give to anyone using WordPress?Answer: Create,experiment and try. It’s all about experimenting a new way everyday.
  • Quick Question #1: How many RSS feeds are you subscribed to?Answer: 80/90
  • Quick Question #2: Free themes, premium themes or your own themes?Answer: Free customized by us theme
  • Quick Question #3: Do you do most your blogging at home, work, other?Answer: we blog from everywhere
  • Quick Question #4: What kind of devices do you blog from?Answer: Laptop
  • Quick Question #5: What is the best way to reach you?