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Random WordPress of the Day #0008

Title: Home Office Part II

Last week we got the chair down, now I think the next logical step is the desk.

There are seven main factors when choosing a desk:

  • Location (Will it be in a corner, against a wall, in the middle of a room?)
  • Size (How much room do you have to put it?)
  • Storage Space (What do you need in it?)
  • Desktop Space (Do you need space to write? How Many Monitors?)
  • Cost (What’s your budget?)
  • Quality (Do you like change? Do you want it to last a long time?)
  • Look (Will you host customers? If not is look important for you?)

It’s hard to explain without giving away the finished product, or without showing the actual plan I have, but my desk will be against a wall, not directly in a corner as another piece will be between the desk and the corner. The desk itself may have one of my two monitors on it, or maybe none at all, I haven’t decided on that aspect yet. I only have one tower, and there’s a closed area for it, with the small drawer for pens and other every day objects and the big drawer for my files I should be all set. The price is a little high, but it is a high quality desk that I expect to last me over 5 years.

Look, Size, Space and Quality are the 4 most important factors when choosing a desk!