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WordPress Person of the Day #0008

Name: Matt Elis

Country: Unkown

Click here to visit his personal website!

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The Interview:

  • Question: When and why did you start blogging?

    Answer: I started blogging when I was 14, I decided I wanted to have a personal diary, somewhere I could write things that I had done in each day. At first I thought it would be private but after some thought and seeing other people’s personal blog’s, I decided to give it a shot. I got some hosting from a friend, and uploaded WordPress (Can’t remember which version it was at the time) and configured it using a free theme from the Directory. Looking back on it makes me chuckle inside when I think of how proud I was, my first blog was up and running – even if it had a measly 10 uniques per month!

  • Question: How many websites do you have using WordPress and what they are?

    Answer: As of current, I am running 6 sites using the WordPress Platform, they are under the Kiwidia Network and the URL’s are as follows: – The main network site and a company blog. – A blog with articles on blogging, WP, MMO schemes etc. – Dedicated to web development and programming. – Our first release and the most popular to date regarding graphic design. – A rebranded version of Corey’s (other Kiwidia Co-Founder) blog on writing articles, improving English Grammar & Language. And we have one more install that’s currently under wraps and due to be released around 5/6th July so stay tuned!

  • Question: Why did you choose WordPress?

    Answer: I don’t actually have a reason…it was the first platform I tried and since then I haven’t looked back. I have heard of other platforms: Blogger, Xanga, Typepad but WP does what it says on the tin, and does it well – so why change?

  • Question: How much have you spent on your websites (Ads, Hosting, Themes, Etc) and how much is your approximate revenue?

    Answer: So far on Kiwidia, we have spent around $150 on setting up, configuring and launching 5 blogs (with a 6th in the pipeline), this is spread out for $9 per domain so about $70 spent on them so far, along with money being spent on some graphics from iStockPhoto – although now we have an onboard designer so we have cut startup costs. Hosting costs $8/month with HostGator and their servers are awesome. We have not yet invested into paid advertisement solutions, although we have been using Social Media as our main form of marketing which is producing some good traffic. The theme’s are custom developed by Corey (Co-Founder) and we just tweak the colours and other things to suit each blog but like to maintain a consistent layout for readers so when they visit one of our blogs, they know straight away it’s one of ours.

  • Question: What kind of advice can you give to anyone using WordPress?

    Answer: Be innovative. Push the boundaries to the max, install plugins to enhance the visitor’s experience and if you can – get a custom theme, it will give your blog a much more identifiable brand. Always make backups, this doesn’t apply specifically to WP, but you should ensure you or your host makes daily backups so should something go wrong, all your hard work won’t be destroyed. It’s vital as nobody can predict a script or server failure.

  • Quick Question #1: How many RSS feeds are you subscribed to?

    Answer: 12

  • Quick Question #2: Free themes, premium themes or your own themes?

    Answer: Our Own

  • Quick Question #3: Do you do most your blogging at home, work, other?

    Answer: From Home

  • Quick Question #4: What kind of devices do you blog from?

    Answer: Laptop, iPhone.

  • Quick Question #5: What is the best way to reach you?

    Answer: Email or Phone: or +44 73220 8417