Free Vs Premium Themes (Random of the Day #0002)

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Random WordPress of the Day #0002

Title: Free Vs Premium Themes

I personally have used both Free and Premium themes for my websites, I think there are a lot of free themes that I would be willing to pay for and vice versa. The most important thing is to make sure you really like the theme you are about to purchase and that there are no free alternatives.

Over time you will gain enough experience to modify a free theme enough that it won’t just blend in with all the other themes. Design wise the header is probably the most important part to get someone to consider your blog, after they have considered it, then you must provide the reader with good creative content, and some good features, most people want a good constant flow of information, but not too much. A lot of regular blog readers use RSS readers, so if you have twenty new posts per day and your content is diluted you won’t have as much success as someone who posts every day or two with good solid content.

I started this blog on a free theme, but since I monitor all new themes, I found one that matched exactly the personality of the website so I purchased it, and haven’t regretted it so far. It has actually motivated me in my work.

Anyways I’d like to hear your ideas and thoughts on the difference between free and paid themes, and what experience have you had with both.

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  1. Great post. I actually wrote a free vs. premium post recently. I listed all the different pros and cons of each.

    Free: Main benefit is that they are free but can also contain a lot of spam and may not be css & xhtml valid

    Premium: You have to pay for them, but they come with great support and feature much polished and well programed designes.

    Both have their pluses and minuses, I think it is really a matter of preference.

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