WordPress Of The Day (Random of the Day #0001)

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Random WordPress of the Day #0001

Title: WordPress of the Day

At first I was going to give myself a day off on this blog, on Sundays but I figured Instead I would just let it be a free day, it will be a random WordPress day, meaning it could be a theme, a plug-in, a person, a site, a tip or anything else for that matter. This will usually have to do with something that happened during the past couple days to either me personally, someone I know or in the news. I figured since today is the last day of the first week, I would talk about this blog I just started, I have to say so far I’m very happy. It’s a great site for people who are starting with WordPress and people that use it regularly. It’s also great to me because I can share my discoveries with people who share a passion for WordPress like I do, and not babble about it to people who have no interest like I usually do!

I hope you will enjoy the site as much as I do, and the look is basic, the features are minimal, but the content is key for now, I will be making changes over time to add more flare to the site, but it will never take away from the content, as without fresh and new content every day this site wouldn’t be “WordPress of the Day”.

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  1. Obviously big changes have happened, and this is the new look, which I really like so I think it will be staying quite a while, the only big change will be in the header once I get around to it.

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